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Course Dates TKT YL
Next part-time course runs over 8 Saturdays mornings from 10:00-12.30
October 5 - December 14 2013

Course Location
Alonso Martínez, Calle Zurbano, 8 - 28010 Madrid.
Metro Alonso Martínez - Lines 4, 5, and 10
Cost of this 20 hour course is €316 Euros.

Child development Classroom management: routines and reward
Communicating with Children Planning lessons
Adapting the coursebook Supplementing resources
Teaching listening and reading Focus on writing
Using Stories Creative activities
Focus on Pronunciation Correcting young learners
The Use of L1 Encouraging speaking
Evaluation TKT Exam Technique

TKT YL (Young Learners) is a specialist module of the Cambridge ESOL Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) that focuses on teaching young learners aged 6-12. This award will increase your confidence as a teacher and help you progress in your teaching career.

TKT YL tests knowledge of:
- young learners and the principles of teaching English to children
- how to plan young learner lessons
- teaching young learners
- assessing young learner learning

TKT CLIL : Content and Language Integrated Learning test knowledge of:
– CLIL and Principles of CLIL
– Planning, Teaching and Assessing

The advantages of TKT for teachers are:
- adding the teaching of young learners to your existing skills
- focusing on methodologies for teaching young learners

Test format:
The TKT Young Learner and CLIL modules consist of a test of 80 objective questions, lasting 80 minutes, which require you to select the correct answer and mark this on a computerised answer sheet. The modules can be taken together in one test session or separately, in any order. Most teachers are likely to follow a preparation course before taking the test but you can also prepare yourself through your own reading and study, if you prefer.

IH Madrid offers a course to prepare teachers for the TKT YL and TKT CLIL exam and as we are a Cambridge ESOL authorised examination centre, we can also organise for candidates to take the test in one of our centres.
Exam fee for each module is 50 Euros.

Information for Candidates (PDF, 409 KB)
An overview of TKT.
TKT Handbook and Sample Papers (PDF, 932 KB)
Detailed information about the three core modules, test administration, grading and results, common questions and answers, a TKT wordlist, and full sample papers for each module.
TKT Content and Language Integrated Learning Handbook (PDF, 689 KΒ)
Detailed information about the optional 'Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)' module.

Course Location
Alonso Martínez, Calle Zurbano, 8 - 28010 Madrid.
(Metro Alonso Martínez - Lines 4, 5, and 10)

How do I apply?
Download this application form, complete it off-line and send as an attachment to ttraining@ihmadrid.com Someone will contact you within one working day.